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12666 Monitor-McKee Rd NE, Woodburn

Vegetative Annual Liners - Wholesale Only

In 2004, Fessler Nursery became a root-n-sell for Selecta, one of world’s leading breeders of annuals.  These cuttings, once rooted, are sold to other nurseries throughout the country.  The Selecta line includes America’s #1 Calibrachoa, the award-winning MiniFamous™.

We are also rooting and selling select items from the following breeders:  Beekenkamp, Danziger, Dummen, Sakata, Suntory, Syngenta & Westoff. See the variety listing for which items are available as rooted liners. Custom propagation is also available.

Contact  for more information.

We welcome our Wholesale Customers, Liner Growers and Brokers to our Annual Open House in August. It’s a great opportunity to see in advance some of the new items for the upcoming season.

Please see our Terms to learn how you can ensure your order meets the necessary requirements.

Our vegetative liners are sold only through our network of brokers. See our broker list:

Liner Broker List

Liner Availability List

Liner Variety List

Liner Catalog

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