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Wholesale Policy

Dear Valued Customer:

As we continue to streamline our wholesale division, we ask that you please review the following wholesale buying policy. The processing of wholesale orders takes more time and paperwork and requires us to set these guidelines so that we can run our business more efficiently. If you are unsure of the dollar amount you have spent during the last Spring Season, you may contact our business office.

Please note that we have made a change regarding the purchase of 4” product.


  1. All 4”,6”, 6 ½” and 1 Gallon plant material will be sold by the flat ONLY. We can mix colors in flat of same species.
  1. $750.00 minimum order for delivery. There is a delivery charge based on your area outside of 30 miles from Fessler Nursery. Your account total for the season must meet or exceed $750.00 net to receive the wholesale prices.
  1. Purchases must be for resale purposes only.
  1. You must be a licensed buyer. Example: You must have a valid business as a nursery, retailer, landscaper, florist, etc…Please be prepared to provide a copy of your license.
  1. Please pre-order. You will need to place your order with us at least 48 hours in advance, so that we can pull your order from our “wholesale only” greenhouses and fit it into our pulling and delivery schedule.
  1. No Saturday or Sunday “drop-ins” Unfortunately, we are a bit short-staffed on the weekends and it is difficult to accommodate whole-sale purchases on the weekends during the busy Spring season. We ask that wholesale business take place Monday through Friday.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. With the rising costs such as minimum wage, natural gas and new taxes, we find the need to streamline our operation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you for your continued business.


Fessler Nursery Co.