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Fessler Wholesale Liner Terms

Order Placement: All orders should be placed 8 weeks before the ship date. 2″ starter fuchsia orders should be placed 16 weeks prior to ship date.  All orders must be placed thru a broker.  We do not sell direct.

Overpack:  Geraniums: 4×26 tray billed as 100 or 2×26 tray billed as 50.  Vegetative annuals: 102 tray billed as 100 or split 102(51) tray billed as 50.  TrixiLiners:  50 tray billed as 50.  Ipomea: 72 tray billed as 70.

Minimums:  The minimum order for pick up is four trays.  For shipping Fed Ex or UPS, one box is minimum.  For Air Freight, 4 boxes is minimum.  For trucking (limited area), 15 trays is minimum.  $20.00 additional charge for orders below the minimum.

Availability:  Will be sent out weekly, by fax or email, from December thru May.  Ordering off availability must be placed by the Thursday before the Monday ship date.  New orders for pick up need a 24 hour notification.  We will notify your broker of any backorders, shortages or substitutions prior to shipping.  Fuchsia plugs are available October 1st thru April 1st.  2″ starter pots are available mid-November thru April 1st.

Boxing: Box charge is $10. The number of trays per box is 4 of the 102, 8 of the split 102(51), or 4 of the 50 or 72 for the vegetative bedding plants.  Geraniums are a total of 300 liners.  We are not able to combine vegetative bedding liners and geranium liners in the same box due to tray and box size differences.  We reserve the right to adjust the number of trays per box based on the plant size.  Boxes are double walled corrugated cardboard construction.

Pick-Up: All orders must be picked up at Fessler Nursery by 4:00 pm Wednesday of the ship week.  Customers will be called on the Monday of their ship week when plants are ready.  You may pick up during our office hours of M-W from 8:00-4:00.

Shipping: Our shipping season is from November through mid-May.  All orders will be billed to the brokers account or freight collect. Freight is not included in the liner price.  We ship Fed Ex, UPS, GSO, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and truck (limited area).  All shipments will be shipped according to the ship date & method specified on the order.  If the customer would like the shipment delayed up to one week due to weather concerns, we must be notified by 4:00 pm the Friday before shipment.  Our 2″ starter fuchias are not available for shipping, these are available for customer pickup only.  Trucking is available along the I-5 corridor form Eugene, OR to Seattle, WA.  Trucking is available from week 2 – 17.

Tags:  All finished patented items are required to be sold with a tag.  You may purchase tags with your liners or from the supplier of your choice.  Tags will be shipped unless the order specifies not to.  100 tags are included for each 102 tray and 50 for split 102(51) tray or 50 cell trixi tray. 100 tags will be included for the 4×26 tray of geraniums.  75 tags will be included for 72 tray of ipomea. We are able to offer tag ratios up to 1:6, but will round up to the nearest full bundle of 50 tags. All tags are $.046 each.

Discounts:  Discounts are available for large orders based on prior year purchases.  4% 10,000-14,999 liners; 8% 15,000+ liners.  Discounts are given on the price of the liner only.

Cancellations:  Are accepted 10 weeks from ship date; except for dianthus and fuchsias which requires a 12 week notice.  We will try and resell any late cancelled orders, but will bill for any plants not sold.

Warranty/Guarantee:  Fessler Nursery warrants that all plant product is sold true to name and as described, within recognized tolerances.  Quality and count claims are limited to sold items only and must be made, thru your broker, within 3 business days of receiving the product.  Failure to report claims within specified time frame will result in our right for refusal of claim.  All freight charges and claims due to shipping are the responsibility of the receiving customer.  Fessler Nursery is not responsible for issues beyond our control such as customer crop time, growing conditions, flower pattern or time, customer losses, or weather conditions at time of shipment.

Fessler Nursery, Selecta, Suntory & Syngenta catalogs are available upon request.